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Robe de cocktail moulante

Robe de cocktail mancherons

More to come. There were three Wolf guitars. I'll get pictures of the other two up soon. This one is quilt and the other two are flamed maple. It took a year just to program the wolf on the body. There were over 1000 points on it and each one had to be manually done in CAD. Then, there was a huge problem with bending the pearl so that it would conform to the curves of the top. I had to make special tools, presses, and vacuum things to do it. I was told that it was impossible. I need to look that word up since I'm not familiar with it.  Where's that dictionary? Oh well. This was an absolute nightmare to do but now that they are finished, I'm glad that I did it.

Robe coton col bĂ©nitier These guitars were so hard that at times I thought them to be possessed. Unfortunately, with the new pope being chosen, I couldn't find a Catholic priest to give me some Holy water to douse these with. They fought me to the very end, but finally the demons were exorcised and they were forced into submission.  Lovely creatures in the end.

Rote brautjungfernkleider I'll have more pictures up soon.



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