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Abiti a portafoglio

This is Leon Chalnick's guitar. The Diablo LC90 so named in his honor as it is the first P90 guitar.  It has a great flame top with P90's and a Driskill piezo trem. More on it in a little while.

Robe crépon col asymétrique  

Look at the quilt on this tiger. You can find Yoda, ET, a bullfrog, an atomic cloud, all kinds of things in it. It is a perfect bookmatch in quilt.  That is really cool considering how thick the Diablo maple is. It starts out at 2 1/4 " thick before resawing it. Quilt occurs by the bark and rapidly disappears as it goes in toward the center. This makes the quilt on Driskill Diablos very difficult to get. Especially with the fantastic figuring that they have to have. This tiger's eye Diablo has an elephant inlay on it. How's that for a jungle theme guitar? 

Silberne samtkleider This is Dan Duffy's guitar and he likes elephants so one of his friends is now on the fretboard as you can see below.


Robe jersey col roulé  

This is the elephant inlay. Notice how wood is left by the fretslots. This lets the frets compress the wood. If the pearl went all the way across the slots, then the frets would have nothing to grab into. I left .030" on each side of the slot and this way the pearl is not pushed up because it won't compress like wood. Those eyes are paua abalone and they are so tiny that I had to use tweezers to hold them.
Here is the matching flame headstock. Look at how the flames extend across and are picked up in the truss rod cover.
Two of the pictured guitars have the Driskill piezo trem on them. I make the trem and the saddles. The saddles have pockets for the LR Baggs inserts to fit into. The trem has a milled pocket for the sum board to fit into. All of the saddle wires are summed up to this board and then it goes to into the control cavity and to the active preamp. That is a control X and provides stereo/mono and combinations depending on the cable. It sounds really fantastic when it is in stereo and the piezo is run to an acoustic amp.

I will have more pictures up soon. Maybe some shots of these guitars as they are being made.

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