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Robe bleue peplum Here are some samples of a Diablo being played through some different amps. Ariel Pozzo was so kind as to do these and send them to me. Thank you Ariel!!! If only I could play like you!  I included Ariel's description of what he did below each mp3 link.

 Diablo and Deluxe

Maxi satinkleider This is a blues progression in G.

I used the Eagle into a blackface Deluxe model on PODxt PRO.
The track begins with the neck pickup only, and goes thru all pickup positions, changing every 12 bars up 'till the end when the treble pickup is selected.
No eq has been added, I used a TS9 model to boost the signal a little, and added a tad of reverb at the board.
It's just one take, no overdubs, no punch-in, no fixing of any kind...just live playing.
Diablo and VOX

Robe rayures lycra This is a pop track...kind of LA groove meets U2. It is through a Vox.


 Diablo and Soldano

This is an 80's kinda track, hair metal and all.

Soldano SLO100 at full bore. 

Diablo and Hiwatt

This is a fast blues in C, the same specs as before apply but this time a Hiwatt 100 model is used.

Diablo and Mesa
Slow blues in Am...a high gain tone, but listen how detailed and clear the Diablo sounds...carbon fibre stiffness on the neck maybe???


Ariel with his Diablo through a Soldano head
Robe denim col croisé II used the Diablo Eagle into my Soldano head, normal channel, a Boss BluesDriver to push the amp a little, and a Nativo 4x12 cab loaded with Celestion Classic Lead speakers.
I just love the way this guitar SCREAMS and PURRS.
If you like it, feel free to use it on your site.
Best, and THANKS!!!!!!!!
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Spider Diablo through Mesa Boogie Mark IV