Fucsia abiti da cocktail

This is Kurt's guitar. Kurt is an amazing guy. He is quadriplegic yet he wanted me to make a guitar that he could play. So, I got it all done finally. As you can see, it has a claw that rides down on rails. This claw has a Teflon block inside of it which has a .76" recess in it. The rod has a ball end on it that is .75" and that lets it rotate. The claw also has a stainless steel bar that is spring loaded inside of it which does the fretting. The rod hooks up to a 1/4" moveable socket which is welded to limit its movement and has O ring grooves cut into it. The mouthstick then attaches to that with snap rings and has tubing over it to pick and strum the strings. The entire guitar is covered in 12K carbon fiber. It has vertical tuners so that he can tune it with his mouthstick. The tribal design on the body is aluminum and the inlays are medieval paua abalone crosses. The claw rides on shaft rods and Teflon/Freliner bearings. It sounds so cool!!! Like a mean slide guitar. I am really excited to see what Kurt can do with this. This was the most tremendous amount of work ever. I had to learn 2 new software programs, how to cut metal, fixture metal, engineer all kinds of stuff, make carbon fiber, etc. I even had to make a case for it. I managed to slice my thumb up doing that. It bled for about 4 hours! Should have gotten stitches. There are a ton of bandwidth hogging pictures here, but this is one really unique guitar so I went ahead and put a bunch up.

Robe en laine mousseline

Seidenkleider tweed

Robe stretch polyamide  

Robe de princesse au genou

Here is the gargantuan case. It is 50x25x8.5" and is made from plywood and resawn 2x4s. I had to cover it with cardboard and that is when I cut my thumb so bad. This guitar fought me to the very end. I wish that I would have had a 5 gallon drum of Holy Water to assist me as this one seemed to be possessed. Well, not anymore! I forced it into submission and now it is ready to rock.