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Chiffonkleider kaschmir Here are a bunch of pictures of mostly inlay and construction stuff. Unless you have a cable or DSL connection, this will take forever to load. It has 3.45 megs of pictures on it. I put it here so that guys can see how some of the inlays are done and how they look on the guitars. Lots of construction pics and some great looking finished guitars. I just haven't had time to put them up on the website. I will be doing a lot of pages with detail on specific things in the making of a Driskill Guitar. Until I can find time, these might be entertaining if you want to wait. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Robe de bal gore tex There is no order to the pictures. I just FTP'd them up so that they would be here. Also, if you get little x's in the upper left hand corner, right click on the box with the x and click show picture. You may have to wait until it is all loaded and then right click, bla, bla to make it work. Go get a bite to eat and come back after it loads. Better yet, get a faster connection. (cable modem, DSL, T1, Satellite) I know that I sure want to.

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