Beige trachtenkleider & landhauskleider November 14-15 I have a paronychia which is an infection that develops along the edge of the fingernail. It is the ring finger on my right hand.  It hit Wednesday, and is all swollen up and very painful. I had to stop spraying and sanding yesterday. My friend, Dr. Ellis, got me on antibiotics and soaking it in salt water. May have to have it lanced on Saturday. That should be no problem other than hideous cost. No insurance, so the surgery was $20,000! Now, this hopefully won't be too bad. Should be spraying Sunday or Monday so this won't be too bad or too much of a slowdown.

Robe peplum mohair Okay, it's 2:30 AM on Sunday night. It popped and drained itself Friday night!!! Then it popped again Saturday night. Didn't have to go to the Doctor. At least not yet. It's still painful but not nearly as bad as the last 4 days. Should be able to do some stuff by Tuesday I think. 

Robe brodée manches courtes Here is a picture of the infected finger on Saturday. This is after it popped on Friday night. It popped again and drained on Saturday night but still really sore. Sunday, it's doing a lot better. I think I'll be able to spray and do some stuff this week. Looked worse than the pictures but it's better looking now.

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