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This is a custom painted Driskill Diablo. The picture doesn't even begin to do it justice but still it looks pretty good. The guy that I was making it for gave me a picture that he wanted on his guitar. He cut a picture out of the newspaper.   I looked at the picture and adapted it to flow with the guitar. I painted it on with a brush but then decided that brush strokes were a little harsh looking. I bought an airbrush and learned how to use it as I went. I wanted to soften the image. The results were phenomenal. It worked out great.

This guitar not only looks great but it sounds incredible also.   It has a L.R. Baggs X Bridge in it. It also has the control X active electronics. It can be played through a single amp with a 1/4" jack in mono and the signals blended. But, it really shines when it is played in stereo through a tube amp and an acoustic amp using a stereo Y cable. Its owner, Chuck, says that it is the most incredible guitar that he has ever played and that it can produce any sound that he can dream up. (Oh, by the way, Chuck has played a few guitars. He traveled the U.S. and Europe  as the guitarist for  Boxcar Willy's band for 15 years and has played with and/or knows just about everyone in country music.)  He also says that when he plays it with the acoustic pickups only, people rush up to the stage every time. He raves about this guitar and now it is the only one that he plays.

It has a custom wound Tele sounding pickup in the bridge, one north and one south polarity single coil, and the peizo bridge. From this it has an awesome neck single coil, a pseudo out of phase second position sound, a great  middle single coil, a full tilt humbucker, and a spanking Tele sound. Add to this all of the possibilities of the acoustic and you can see that it is one very versatile guitar!!!!!

This was a very hard guitar to make but I thought that you might enjoy seeing it.

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