Leinenkleider jersey


Robe fleurs nylon This is Tim's Black Cherry Diablo. It has a really cool swamp ash top which started out as one, thick piece. I then bookmatched it. This gave it the nice swirling pattern. It also has a cocobola neck with three P90's and a piezo trem. I make special  trems and saddles for piezo, so  I can use just the inserts to make them piezo. It also has two jacks. One for magnetics and one for piezo. This eliminates the need for a stereo Y cable. Normal mono cables can be used. I had to make a cool looking jack plate for it. The color came out great! I shielded the control cavity with copper and the back plates are carbon fiber with matching ash on them. This makes a really good 60 cycle hum shield. Tim liked the Diablo's shape so much that he had me do the inlays in Diablos. It turned out really cool.

Beige strickkleider

Robe flamenco elasthane

WeiƟ strickkleider

Notice that the truss rod cover is made from the same piece as the headstock. Look how the black stripe matches.


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