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Robe fond col rond Robe stretch epaules dénudées Quilt and Flame Maple Tops

Dirndl sweatkleider  

Robe marron viscose Here are some pictures of raw, quilted maple tops. Some flame also. I have resawn the ones to be bookmatched and then sanded them. Then I wiped butyl acetate on them so that you can see the grain. Butyl Acetate is tough stuff. It melted three pairs of latex gloves. (But it tastes so good and what's up with  that skull and crossbones on the label?)  I will take some pictures of maple in the rough when some more comes in. Probably next week.  Then you can see how rough and nasty looking some of these boards are. When they get resawn they are still very rough looking until they get sanded. Tons of work to get these to the point where they can become a Driskill Guitar. Also, some of this wood is the Holy Grail of quilt. "We seek .....the Grail."


  It is from very old trees (some of which, as you know, are guarded by a ferocious, man-eating rabbit with huge fangs) and therefore requires a tremendous amount of work and cunning to get it to where it is usable.
 Hope you enjoy these pictures.


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