Leo-look samtkleider

Abiti turchesi stile impero

Abiti argento in pizzo  

A nice tiger's eye with a gold vine. This one has a great quilt top and an 18 karat gold vine going down the neck
Here's a nice shot of it outside. It has the Driskill StopTail bridge and matching quilted knobs.
A close up of the bridge and knobs.

Robe transparente col en v  

I make the pickup rings also. You can see here that they are different for tremolo or stoptail guitars. The stoptail has a larger angle so the rings have a 2.02 degree angle on them. This keeps the pickups parallel to the strings. It looks really cool too having all of that shiny gold on the guitar.

Robe argentée col roulé This shows the 18 karat gold vine. It is polished to a mirror surface. That makes it reflect everything. In this picture, it is reflecting the sky and you can't tell that it is gold.

Another shot of the Stoptail and pickup rings. You might be able see how thick the maple top is here. It has a huge arch and because of this, there is no recurve on the body. That means that there is no sharp edge to cut into your forearm.
As you can see the horns provide great access to the upper register. This is 24 frets and you can reach all of them with ease.
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