Robe effet léopard au genou

Kleider kaftane  

Kleider maxi kurz I have this Brazilian Rosewood log and I am resawing it to get one piece BRW necks out of it. Special thanks to Bill Compton for finding it. This stuff is almost impossible to find. I now have enough to make a few BRW necks out of. This log should make a few one piece necks in addition to the stuff that I all ready have.

Robe de princesse crayon I thought that since this stuff is so rare, you might like to see what it looks like and what a pain it is to get usable wood out of this very diserable wood. This BRW that I have is old. All  of it is at least 35 years old, some is probably much older than that. I have all of the wood dried to around 4-5.6% moisture content. This makes it very stable and also makes it sound the best. I started sawing and trying to get it into usable pieces today. I resorted to sanders, chisels, planes, and scrapers. I am going to be bandsawing it soon. I thought that you might like to see some pictures of this beautiful wood so I will be putting pictures up of the process as it comes along.

This log is much bigger than it looks in the pictures. It weighs over 100 lbs. and is very bulky. I'm trying to figure out how I am going to saw it.

I quickly discovered that this thing is so heavy that I don't need any clamps to keep it from moving while I sand and work on it. I discovered this when I tried to move it without the clamps. It seems to be happy where it is.
I didn't want to be a guitar maker, I wanted to be........... Kleider orange rundhals A Lumberjack................................................................

Click me to hear me tell you what I wanted to be. 

There is that dastardly blonde wood!

This blonde wood has to be cut around. I am using every tool that I can think of to get rid of it without wasting any of the great figured part. Mostly I have resorted to state of the art technology:  The hammer and chisel.

 I now have spent a few hours with the hammer and chisel and have a few blisters to show for it.


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