Robe moulante col en u

Abiti leopardato manica lunga This is a solid cocobolo Diablo. Because of it's color and wood, it's name has been dubbed Bolero.  This guitar sounds incredible! It has this attack to every note that I couldn't believe. It's also absolutely beautiful because of the color and the cocobolo. This is some gorgeous wood! Heavy stuff too. I hollowed this entire body out, even up in the horns, but it still was no featherweight. The color is really cool too. It has orange in the quilt and yellow in the highlights. Combine that with the cocobolo and it looks like a tropical party. That is until you strum it. Then it's sheer power. Crystal clear notes with a sparkling high end and a bass that won't quit. Sustain is just unbelievable. It just made its trip to FedEx so it's on its way to home.  I all ready miss it.

Robe Éponge mancherons The pictures below are some that I took while Bolero was being made. I thought that you might like to see some of these. Doesn't this look exotic? Kind of tropical?

Robe trapèze sans manches Look at the cocobolo sides! I love this color combination. Like something in Tahiti.

Robe bain de soleil velours Here is the top and back being glued up. Cocobolo takes special epoxy due to its extremely high oil content. This epoxy is specially made for cocobolo and has oil in the resins. I tried regular epoxy on some test boards and it delaminated.
Here you can see how there is a great deal of cocobolo sculpted away to control weight. This has a tremolo which will take out the middle, and the control cavity will take out the rest. Still, heavy stuff!

Here is the solid cocobolo guitar that is almost done. It has extensive carving inside of both the cocobolo and the maple to control weight. Cocobolo is absolutely beautiful but it is extremely dense and heavy. (Like some people I know.) It also is hard to glue and the dust is really nasty. It has a great sound and when you combine that with its beauty, well, it's worth the trouble.


 This maple top is really cool looking. It has this great tubular quilt with a nice bookmatch. It is going to have reddish orange in the quilt with lemon yellow highlights. Should look kind of like burning lava or coals.  The neck that goes on this one is the cocobolo neck with the Tree of Life from another page.