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The New Driskill Stop Tail for 2009 and Beyond

Some 2010 Diablos

Fire in my building but Driskill Guitars is safe!

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Bad finger infection the last problem!

Thanks for stopping by to check out Driskill Guitars. I'm working on a new website but for now, there are a lot of good pictures here to show you the guitars, how they're made, and some of the cool things that go into each one.  The new stuff link below has some recent items that you might want to take a look at.

Check out the tiger Diablo. It has two tigers on the fretboard and a really nice quilt top. Tiger Be sure to check out the new Cocobola guitar  page Cocobola guitar. I put up some pictures of the new Driskill Stop Tail bridge. Be sure to check out the Tiger's Eye Guitars link. Also check out this guitar: One piece Tiger's Eye quilt.  Click on its picture below to see it.  Also there is a reprint of a Magazine article that I have put up.  I have also put up a page with pictures of raw quilted maple and flame maple tops. Raw wood and Quilt Maple. Really nice stuff on the quilt maple page. You might enjoy seeing what it looks like after it is resawn and sanded. These will become stunning Driskill Diablos. Be sure to check out what is here now. New Quilt Tops and One Piece Quilt tops.  Thanks for coming to my site! 

Ariel Pozzo has a Diablo and he's a monster guitar player who is well known among players.  It is an honor to have Ariel as a Driskill Diablo player. Here are some pictures of him in concert in Puerto Rico and Chicago. This page has some of his new guitar as it is being made. Soundcheck.

New stuff:  Brazilian Rosewood Necks and new Truss Rod      Blue Diablo     Tiger inlaid,      

              Making Carbon Fiber    Bolero-cocobola Diablo     Tiger eye stoptail

              Gallery of some Diablos     One piece tiger eye Diablo with BRW neck and TOL
              Single coil Diablo Blues and live shots at some gigs
              Anodized  Stop tail and matching pickup rings              Tiger eye Diablo with TOL
                 Sound  Samples  through different amps        Spalted Diablo   
             Killer Tiger eye and yellow BRW necked Diablos
             Tiger walking at you inlay                                         Spider tiger eye Diablo
             Sunken Wood Diablo                                           The Big Kahuna-cocobola Diablo
             Black Cherry Diablo                                             Wolf Guitars
             More Diablos that left                                            Yellow Orange BRW Vine
             2006 Diablos that left                                             Almost Done Diablos  
             2007 Diablos that left                                         2008 Diablos
             Almost Done

Here is an ABC News story on Driskill Guitars. The low res version is a real media file and the high res is an mpg that is 15 megs. 

High res: 15 megs           MPG

Low res: 1.2 megs          Real Media

                           Robe À frange nylon   


                         Robe maxi col plongeant      

     Robe boule feutre  

                         Robe en jean cuir synthétique   

   Kleider grüne stoff   




Great quilt maple


Vine Inlay

               Driskill Tremolo


Dennis on bench1.jpg (135196 bytes) Blonde Diablo

Diablo_Blues_green_1.jpg (76168 bytes)

         paint_booth_purple2.jpg (29753 bytes)Purple in paint booth


Diablo Blues


Raw Maple


Flame and Gold Vine Inlay

Brazilian Rosewood Log being cut

Exotic Tree of Life inlay

New Driskill Stop Tail  Bridge


More Inlays


Amber  P90



The Driskill Diablo and Diablo Blues just flat out great guitars!

They are made to have the most phenomenal sustain and tone imaginable. They do just that. They are also very beautiful, but whoever said beauty is only skin deep? No matter how good they look, these guys are made to play! That's what they're all about. Playability and tone. Everything about the Diablo is to make it play better and sound better. Also everything on it is there to make it a lifelong friend.  From its non-fading, UV stable dyes, its stress relieved carbon fiber reinforced  necks, to its custom made stainless steel frets. Everything in a Driskill Guitar is to make it play easier, sound better, and last longer.  It just so happens that they are beautiful too.

The body shape is not only killer looking but also causes the guitar to be perfectly balanced.

Sit it on your lap, take your hands off and it stays right there!

This balance also makes it very comfortable to play while standing for long periods of time.

The trademark body shape of the Driskill Diablo is a new and unique shape which expresses the aggressive look of an awesome playing guitar. The flowing curve of the dominant long horn is visually stunning yet provides balance for the slightly asymmetrical shape to wrap around to the outward turn of the small horn. This gives it attitude and also allows it to hook onto your leg for a more solid feel. The striking arch of the top works in concert with the deep scoops on both horns to provide a visual feast and complete access to the high frets.  The arched maple top is .9 inches thick. This provides a very deep scooped arch and gives the guitar an incredible attack while letting each note ring out without getting lost in the mix. Biting attack with chunky bass and articulated mids. Another advantage of the thick top is that it provides a deep arch without the need for a re-curve. This means that it can have the deep arch without a sharp edge to cut into your playing forearm. When you see this shape, you know that it is the mark of a Driskill Guitar.


I am Joe Driskill. Please call me with any questions.        817-336-0600


My email is  joe@driskillguitars.com but I am the only one at Driskill Guitars.  As such,  I do everything and  I work between 15-18 hours a day seven days a week, so it is much easier to reach me if you give me a call. 817-336-0600. In the USA. I get a great deal of email and it is very difficult to answer. Please give me a call. I am almost always here and would love to talk to you.

I have spent a great deal of time making one piece, solid brass tremolos and solid brass pickup rings which have the exact angle of the strings on them. This angle keeps the pickups perfectly parallel to the strings for optimum tone. The tremolos are awesome! They have a lot of mass to them so that they won't rob any tone. I couldn't find a tremolo that I would put on one of my guitars because I felt that they would inhibit tone. So, I decided to make my own tremolos. They turned out even better than I thought they would! Tons of work but I think that they are worth it. I will have some pictures of these up soon. 

I now have my new  stop tail, wrap around bridge with adjustable saddles! Every part of it is radiused and it has swooping curves all over it. Very cool.  I have some pictures of it up now.


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I did the tiger painting back in 1993. That was the year that I painted a bunch of pictures and also started making guitars. It was kind of my creative awakening I guess. The tiger has really piercing eyes. I should have known even back then that the Psychic Friends Network was for real! My psychic advisor said that I would be doing something with tigers in the future. What a relief this is to know that I don't have to wear those ridiculous tights! Now I can just wear them whenever I want. What? They're comfortable yet manly and come in lots of colors.
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